LED'S GO PROJECT at Matelec 2016.


Another year IFEMA hosts the largest fair for the electronics and electrical industry in Europe, MATELEC, where nearly 700 companies present their products and innovations in the sector, with more than 21,000 square meters each year attracts more than 45,000 people from 80 countries .

One more year and for the second consecutive year, LED'S GO PROJECT SL , a company founded in 2011 and with a high growth thanks to its innovative and high quality equipment, comes to MATELEC to present its new forms of LED lighting with a wide range of products , focusing exclusively on the 40w LED module with 4800 lm, named by its SUDOKU engineers .

The sudoku module can adapt to endless applications thanks to its various mounting options, being ideal for public , industrial or sports lighting .

With an average of 100 daily visits and the work of the team in charge of defending quality, LED'S GO PROJECT SL has obtained the expected results and has presented its ideas for the next year demonstrating its progress and the continuous work of the research and development department for be up to the current market.

The LED'S GO PROJECT company is grateful for the trust placed in it and is confident in guaranteeing innovation, serving more and more customers interested in lighting improvements, always defending the environment.