Installation in Bedmar (Jaén)


LED's GO PROJECT SL made an installation on the 7 football field of Bedmar (Jaen) with our client Tecnilum.

Substituting 4 towers with 3 1000w halogenide spotlights at 16 meters high, placing 3 SDKS412 / 40750-P projectors (480w projector) at 5000k and 62400lm per tower.

Very favorable results have been obtained in luxes with a uniformity superior to 50% achieving an energy efficiency superior to 55% and improving in more than 25% the real luxes of the field.

Our sudoku product has amply demonstrated its capacity for the replacement of sports lighting, football 7, football 11, etc ...

Do not hesitate to look at the technical sheet and the study with dialux of the football field.

Data sheet

I study soccer field